The Banqueting Venues

The room of the tanks Download pdf

It is the ancient part of Castello Marcantonio, that date at the Roman age. It is composed by four adjoining parts with a floor in cotto tiles and Roman walls that testify the developing of the buildings during the centuries. This floor has a rare Roman tank perfectly preserved, 22 meters long and 4 meters large.


The room of the vaults Download pdf

The room of the vaults is composed by five adjoining halls with stunning croos vaults. There is also a little well that is linked to the Roman tank, that once gave water to the inhabitants of the Castle.


Wheat room Download pdf

The truss ceiling, the floor in cotto tiles and the amazing light, make this room, that is 340 sm, really welcoming. At the last floor, it offers a wonderful view on Cepagatti and on the valley of the River Pescara.